For many years, garden patios were made of simple concrete slabs – there simply were not many options to choose from. However, today you can have a beautiful patio with your choice of style, material and color just outside the door. Your oasis awaits.

A room is much more inviting if it includes something you enjoy, such as a favorite color or painting. The same goes for patios. Here are some tips for bringing your patio to life and making your space one that you don’t want to walk away from.

Garden Patio Tips:

  • Decide what purpose you want your outdoor patio space to serve. Is it a place to relax? A family gathering spot? A place to entertain guests or hold events? If so, what kind of events will you use it for, and how many guests will be there on average?
  • Allow your home’s architectural style to influence the style of your patio. Your outdoor space should blend with the feel your home conveys, and should not resist it. For example, a Southwest-style courtyard enhances a Spanish-designed home, while a formal English sitting patio suits a traditional style. The colors of your house should also influence your patio design to bring it all together.
  • Bring the inside of your house – outside. Utilize colors, styles, and textures that you enjoy in your house and replicate them as outside accents to bring a harmony between your indoor and outdoor space.
  • Make your patio a point of interest. It should command attention. Envision how it will look from the house and what you desire to see when you look upon it from your windows.
  • Define the space. Structures help to make your patio feel like a space of its own. An overhead structure can give a sense there is a ceiling. And certain furniture, landscaping or fence borders can offer a sense of privacy.